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IN-SERVIS is active in INPRO d.o.o. We are authorized to provide services of computer equipment, scanners, monitors, power supplies to desktops and laptops. We are authorized to set up and maintain video surveillance systems and similar equipment.



At your request, our experts will visit and install the IT equipment or video surveillance system. We also offer the ability to set up network installation and related networking and internet connection equipment.


With 24/7 maintenance of computer, network and surveillance equipment, we also offer consulting services - customer support for optimal equipment selection and proper operation with it.


We offer a high level of service for IT components and peripherals. From components, you can bring scanners, monitors, power supplies, desktops and laptops to service.

We care about

Our Customer Satisfaction

We emphasize the full satisfaction of our clients. Satisfied user is a happy user.


Quality of the service we provide is extremely important us.

Speed of service

As one of the important components, speed is another of our strengths. We are trying to do the service by the scheduled date.

Batteries and adapters

Do you have a question about laptops, UPS power supplies, or adapters? Contact Us.


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